Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clack! Clack! Clack!

This is the sound of Ashlynn's Thrift store find.
Clack! Clack! Clack! All day. I think it is so cute!
Ash brought this home, so excited, she said it was like having her "own computer!" She really is a writer at heart. She has won awards for her writing (SHAMELESS BRAGGING ALERT!) and is always starting some story Or journal.
Right before we purchased the typewriter, we had watched "Little Women" together. I loved this movie as a young girl and was pleased that Ashlynn enjoyed it as well. Even though I had to explain some of the social customs of the times, I could tell she was really getting into it. The next thing I know, she is secured at her desk, with her typewriter in front of her, a ream of paper next to her, calling out, "Mom! What year did the Civil War start?"

Hence, the start of the story below. After she asked me a few more reference questions, I found our Magic Tree House book on the Civil War and left her to her fact finding and writing.
Every week it is something new, but this week, she wants to be a writer!


Mark and/or Lisa said...

For some reason I love that picture of her story in the typewriter. It just conveys so many things. You should frame it or enter it into some contest or something.

Lisa said...

I love it! You are so good at letting your kids run with their ideas and supporting them!

Annessa said...

That is darling! She is such a good writer. I love the cute nail polish she has on while she types. It's not braggin - please do share all the wonderful stuff you guys do!

What's Next said...

First off I love that you let her have the typewriter! There are so many parents that would roll their eyes at a child who wants one, and would not be caught dead in a thrift store. Also I don't know many people my age that have used a typewriter, and I am sure many kids her age don't even know what they are. Oh the education she is getting about life and history! You are an awesome mom, not only to encourage their young minds, but to put up with that clack clack clack!

Grandma Caroline said...

I agree with Annie, please, please, brag all you want to, we who live far away don't see how GREAT your kids are everyday like you do! Tell Ashlynn that the Civil War era is one of my favorite times to read about.

Annessa said...

One more thing, Have you guys read: Click, Clack Moo? Cute book. The kids would love it.