Friday, May 14, 2010

Camera Roll: part 3

Once again, Ty's eye.

Lemons from our tree for our hosts in Utah

Making faces on the "M" of Madonna Mountain

All I needed was salt for the water softener and "D" batteries. Of course a man had to come up to me in line and say, "You know they won't let you buy that. You could get charged with "Salt and Battery"... Remind me to avoid Food 4 Less on Saturday afternoon.

A beautiful scene of our neighborhood park taken on a run. You can't see it in the picture clearly, but there was a pack of boys all playing with their light sabers. I thought it was cute.


Mae said...

Ty's lips are, dare I say, luscious?, in this photo! He looks so little and fagile in this photo!

Grandma Caroline said...

You should have enjoyed that guys humor, it's better than the alternative, read my blog. Poor TY, Matthew always seemd to have stitches too.