Monday, May 17, 2010

Camera Roll:part 5

Briggs and Ashlynn playing chess before school. Briggs knows how to play, Ashlynn doesn't really, which leads to interesting conversations.

This was the breakfast Ty woke me up with on Mother's Day morning. That would be an old package of cheese crackers, Knott's shortbread cookies, an opened bag of rice cakes and a raw egg. When I told him I couldn't eat the egg right away he said, "Yes you can. You just peel it!" and he used his little chipmunk hands to mimic how you peel an egg.

That's gum on the wall... way out of reach of anybody in this house, but conveniently right across the stairwell from where Ty was "fishing" earlier...

Mom! Take my picture! (in the craft store)

At the dentist getting a flouride treatment and picking out a prize.

"Kate. Can you go to the hardware store and get a piece for the sprinklers?"
"Sure. What does it look like?"
"It's a female/female connector."
"Sure. What does it LOOK like?"
"It's black in the center with blue rings on the end."
"Is this the right piece?"

I love these iphones!


Mark and/or Lisa said...

Ah man...seriously hilarious stuff! I'm especially loving breakfast and the fishing gum.

Annessa B. said...

Love those kids!

Grandma Caroline said...

What a hoot! Kate you really lost your calling as a narrator for life!