Friday, May 21, 2010

Man vs. Man

Yesterday, I learned just what kids are capable if you give them an opportunity to learn.
One of them made the comment at lunch that there is always a bad in movies. Another little smarty-pants refuted this with, "Not in 'Fisher-Price Little People'".

I couldn't help myself. I introduced them to the literary conflicts of Man vs. Man, Man vs. Himself and Man vs. Nature. I gave simple examples of each one, and they really seemed to get it.
At one point I tried to give the example of an inner conflict. "Imagine if you have to decide to go to the park or go to a party. This is Man against Himself."

"That's not much of a conflict, Mom!" Ashlynn was quick to reply.

Then once they all got it, they started going through movies and books that they liked and siting examples of each type of conflict.

I was very impressed. I think we don't give children enough credit. I think if you tech them what ubiquitous means and use occasionally, they will understand.


Grandma Caroline said...

AMEN to your awakening. I agree that kids can get stuff when the are ready to learn it. If not, no harm is done in giving them the information, it's better to give more than less. They are smart little creatures

Lisa said...

Maybe you could come teach me too:)

Brooke said...

what DOES ubiquitous mean?