Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Camera Roll

I love my iphone I got for Christmas. I should probably devote a whole post to it. Instead, I'm going to clean out my camera roll, because it's probably the best way to show you how we've spent the last 5 months.

Ash and a friend dancing in the famous Madonna Inn bathroom.

My sister and her family on my niece's baptism day.

Ash asleep.

Ash and her classmates on "Dress up Like What You Want To Be When You Grow Up" Day. Ash would be dressed as the President of the United States.

The coldest rainiest week in January for us.


Annessa said...

Love Ashlynn's dress up day! And, I'm thinking it was your nephew that was baptized...but they're all starting to blend together for me, too. Do share more about your Iphone.

Grandma Caroline said...

Random, but interesting.