Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Ty, like most kids his age, thinks the whole house is his canvas when it comes to coloring. The other day I found a little plastic hippo in which he had colored black with a permanent marker. When I asked him about it he said, "Oh. I was making him a ninja."

Of course.

His preschool teacher was also pleased because he shared some things she had taught him through practical applications at home:

1. While watching vintage episodes of The Mario Bros. show, a character shouted to a turtle, "Hey! You reptile!" To which Ty responded, very miffed, "Turtles aren't reptiles! They are amphibians!" (Manny on Modern Family last night referred to his turtle, Shell Turtlestein, as a reptile. I think this is a common misconception. But Manny and Gloria remain two of my favorite characters!)

2. As I was making some pasta, I poured it into the strainer as Ty watched all of the steam escape into the air. He pointed out very matter of factly, "That's eeeeevaporation. Yea. Evaporation."

Watch what you say around this kid.


V and Co. said...

love modern family. gloria is my mom...well minus the tight clothes and large...ahems. but the accent and the my mom. jake and i laugh hysterically over that show. it's a fav.

as for ty-isms...still love the kid but sooooo happy he's not in my house. i already have too much going on to have him. ;)

Annessa said...

So smart! He could teach my students a few things. I love that age.

Grandma Caroline said...

There is nothing bad about being smart, unless you are clueless to consequences.