Friday, May 28, 2010

My Baby Can Read!

Ty Reading from Kate Rober on Vimeo.

I had to share this clip of Ty reading. We just got this book from the library, so the book is not memorized. Apparently the kid is hooked on phonics. He just decided he wanted to learn how to read, and he did. It's pretty amazing to hear him go. I forget that my 4 year old can read until he starts reading through the cards at the grocery store labeled "Humorous" (and they should be labeled "adult") and I start trying to distract him with the "soundy" cards (as he calls the cards that make noise).

I love how in this clip he gets distracted by the pictures and says "It" about twenty times before he resumes reading.


Kiwi said...

Way to go Ty! That's awesome.

Annessa said...

Awesome! What a bittersweet feeling when all your kids can read. I love the way he pronounces words and is soaking in all the meaning from the text and the illustrations. Tell him that was one of Gehrig's favorite books when he was younger, too.

Grandma Caroline said...

WOW. He has grandma beaming from head to toe! When that kid want's something, he just does it himself. That is really, really good reading.

Grandma Caroline said...

I also love Brian's energetic participation with TY! I thought he was asleep until I heard him talk.

April said...

um ok so how did you get him to read at 4 years old???!!! Amazing!!!