Monday, November 14, 2011

ALS Walk


These balloons were better than shirts to identify Team Sweet Caroline.


Ash walking up with all of the balloons to hand out to the team.


We always have a cute crowd of grandkids in this family!


To start the walk, each individual team was called out, indicating it was their turn to start the walk. I think they did this to avoid a huge crowd surging towards the starting line. We waited and waited patiently for them to call out Team Sweet Caroline. Finally when it was clear that they were done calling out the teams and we still hadn't been recognized, someone from the team went up to the announcers and pointed out the oversight. It was just an oversight, but to make up for it, they made a big deal about announcing Team Sweet Caroline! We all hooted and hollered, then they played "Sweet Caroline" for all of the walkers to enjoy!


Following the walk, we were able to attend a celebration for the Orange Family History Center where they dedicated a new learning center in honor of Mom. They had a ribbon cutting ceremony and everything! The pictures I got stink because my camera stinks! I could start an entirely separate blog dedicated to all of the stinky pictures I take with my little Canon Powershot.


Dad cutting the ribbon


Then we took a family trip out to the cemetery.