Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

From November 1, 2011

I kind of took the month of October off from blogging. My stake set a goal to index 1 million names in the month of October. Indexing is something you do on the Family Search website. Basically you are taking scanned documents and creating a database of those records to better facilitate genealogy work. It was a pretty exciting to be a part of the project. Together, Brian and I indexed just over 10,000 names!

Sooo, basically any time I sat down at the computer I felt like I should be indexing, not blogging. So here's some catch up.

As usual...

Ty requested an Angry Birds costume, so this is what I came up with. It was pretty basic fleece and felt sewing. And instead of a winter coat this year, I'm just going to make him wear his bomb bird, cause this thing was toasty warm!

From November 1, 2011

From November 1, 2011

Briggs decided he wanted to be an iPad.

No, not a person with a gaping hole in their torso, just a regular old boring ipad.The folks at Kinkos who printed and laminated our "apps" for us where not happy with me. They told me I had signed a waver saying none of the printed material was licensed art work (which it obviously is..) I told them my 8 year old wanted to be an ipad and what were they going to do about it?

Nothing. They thought that was pretty clever of my 8 year old to want to be an ipad.(But not as clever as looking like you have a gaping hole in your torso...)

From November 1, 2011

From November 1, 2011

And then there's our lady bug. The package with this costume was waiting for us when we got home from Amanda's wedding. Ashlynn rushed to open the package while the rest of us were unloading the car from a 1,700 mile trip. She immediately put the costume on and started buzzing around the house. I swear I caught a glimpse of my 4 year old girl who used to come home from preschool and slip into something more comfortable.


Lisa Henderson said...

So cute! I was surprised that I didn't see any angry birds costumes here!

janet said...

Cute costumes for Halloween. I missed seeing the kids all hyped up about candy and trick or treating. Hope it was a great day for all.