Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Briggs's 8th Birthday

This house is really cool for decorating, as long as you are willing to go big. Big means 3 huge strings of balloons stretching across the ceiling and 4" felt banners on the wall (I should really get a close up of these...) This is what Briggs woke up to on his birthday morning.

We did have a cake for him, but he stuffed himself at Joe's Crab Shack in Old Town and was too full for cake! What kid is too full for cake!? There's a first for everything. So instead we just puts some candles on a cookie a friend delivered for Briggs.

For his birthday, Brian took him to a Giants v. Dodgers game in San Fransisco. They got awesome seats right behind the dodgers dugout. Briggs is getting spoiled with all of these special seats at baseball games! We made him wear his Giant's hat so he wouldn't get beat up, but he was really rooting for the Dodgers! The Dodger players were handing out balls right and left, but Briggs kept getting passed over. Brian was about to get mad until he realized Briggs still had his Giant's hat on. Once he took that off, he got a ball from one of the players! (I'll make Brian post some of the pictures from that night. I'm sure he got some on his phone.) Briggs was in heaven!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Wait. Isn't it November? Oh, well.