Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Amanda Got Married!

 We were so excited to go to Logan, Utah last month to be with Amanda and Kevin as they got married! It was beautiful there and the two of them seemed so happy!

 Mr. Briggs picked up a little bug at Disneyland and threw up every 10 minutes during the drive to Utah, starting in St. George. He slept well that night so we thought he might be over it, but the morning of the wedding came and he was still getting sick. He was such a good little patient, though. He never complained once. He just took care of business.  Brian was going to have to skip the ceremony in the temple in order to stay with him, but at the last minute Briggs perked up, kept some food down him and was fine. Brian was able to slip in right before the ceremony!
 Natalee, Aunt Leith and Cousin Autumn
 All smiles as they come out of the temple.

 Rober boys taking a break during pictures.
 These are all of the nieces and nephews. Well, mostly nephews. Thank heaven for Natalee and Ashlynn. Kevin only has nephews!

Ashlynn made friends with Autumn and Elizabeth, cousins she had never met before. They had such a good time and didn't want to leave. Autumn is my cousin Steve's daughter and Elizabeth is my cousin Gail's daughter. These two ladies watched the kids while we were in the temple.


Mae said...

That's probably one of the best pictures I've seen of the Logan temple! And you wrote "we seemed happy". I assure you, we were and are!