Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jewel Tree

 This is one of the jewel trees that Grandma Caroline made using some her grandma's and mom's jewelry. There is some of her jewelry on it, as well. Eventually, this tree will be passed onto Brian.
 My mom has recently come into possession of a lot of her mom's old jewelry. She was going to get rid of it until I suggested we make a jewel tree out of it. Hopefully it turns out as nice as this one!


Lisa @ Over the Big Moon said...

Sa-weet! I am going to be doing a post on Over the Big Moon about the jewel trees soon...can u send me these pics so I can add them to the post please?

This will be so fun to make one!

Jamie Pearson said...

My great grandma did the same thing and we loved looking at it as kids. my mom and grandma made us one out of shells and sea glass they are so cool.