Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Brian's Building project

Brian's brother, Mark, asked him to help with a "little" project for Digital Dudz. Later this month is a Halloween trade show/convention in Houston... and Digital Dudz will be present...and accounted for. So they need display tables. And just any old table wouldn't do! It had to stand out. So with Marks vision, Brian has been building these tables, made to display Digital Dudz products and the logo, brought to you by LED lights, shining through acrylic that has been sand blasted. NBD (No Big Deal). All 5 tables have to be built, then shipped to Houston. I think Brian has enjoyed the project. It's been a nice distraction from work.

P.S. The tables aren't even finished yet. This picture is only what we have "so far"! More pictures to come later!
LED's on a strip!?