Friday, January 11, 2013

Digital Dudz tables

 Behold! The Digital Dudz light table! Brian and Mark have been working hard on these and I think they turned out awesome.  Brian created a stencil for the logo with the use of an exacto knife. Sand blasted the acrylic through the stencil to create an uneven surface that will catch the light of the LED's. Wire up some really cool color changing LED lights on a strip around the acrylic table top and under the wooden part of the table. Line the bottom of the table with grey felt. Make sure it's assembled in such a way that you can do three things:
1. Load all 5 tables into a 4x4 pallet to be shipped to Houston for the show.
2. Assemble them once they get to the show.
3. Load up the tables with Digital Dudz gear and make sure all of the hardware is safe beneath the acrylic table tops.

NBD! (No Big Deal.)
And the homemade pallet and crate awaiting the freight truck in our garage. Let's hope it looks like this in Houston!