Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Eve

 We met up with Annessa and the kids on New Years Eve in downtown San Jose at the Tech Museum. The kids favorite part was the MythBusters exhibit.
 Ty submitted a myth.
 Natalee testing out the swing held up by phone books
 I wish I had these little stations around my house, for when the mood strikes to create!
 Ty checking out the blue prints
 Briggs nails the "table cloth and dishes" exhibit. All the (plastic) dishes were left standing!
 He's fast!
 the boys playing with magnetic color changing toys.
 Ty, writing his name in binary code. He was so fast, I couldn't keep up with him.
 A tsunami survival pod. It reminded me of the Jaredite boats.
 a mini rover you could drive from a control room.
 Briggs driving the jet pack. you had to move the chair around so that a red light lined up with a target on the ceiling. Briggs got all 3 in the 60 second time allotment.
 the chair was a little big for Ty.
 Ty trying to focus the power of light onto a solar panel.
 Love Big Bang Theory

 My little Hobbitses!
The cousins enjoying their ipod.