Monday, January 28, 2013

Ty Plays the Piano

 Last fall we signed Ty up for soccer.  He hated it. We thought his aggressive nature would benefit him on the soccer field. It didn't.  Because he couldn't care one lick for soccer.  He use to say, "I don't want to play soccer! I just want to take piano lessons!"

 He did a little fist pump when I told him I had signed him up for lessons a couple of weeks ago. Then when the day of his first lesson arrived, and we were all puking our guts out, I had to cancel the lesson for the day. His response was, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!".  He was a little bummed

When the day finally arrived he was so eager and excited. He told everyone that he was taking piano lessons. At one point during the lesson, after the teacher had asked him a question and he had answered correctly, she exclaimed (like any encouraging adult would) "That's right! You must be the smartest kid in your class!" He locked eyes with her, paused for a moment to figure out if she was a mind reader, then stated matter-of-factly, "I am." As if to say, "How did you know?"

Right after the lesson, he came home and immediately practiced and showed everyone his books.  Since then he has practiced every day.

Now, I know this eagerness is probably short lived, and the day will come when I have to bribe him to practice, but the fact remains: This child has never been excited to do any kind of work! And he is excited to do his piano homework!

I'll take it!