Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mid Winter Flu

This was my Facebook status at 3:30 am Tuesday/Wednesday morning. Yes. It was that kind of week.:

 It's 3:29am and we just hit the jackpot with the flu bug. 3 kids throwing up- all 3 kids reacting exactly like their personalities. One is beating up the toilet because he's so angry, one gets sick and quietly goes back to bed, and the girl is screaming at the top of her lungs that SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN! News flash: you're about to puke. If Brian and I get sick, there aren't enough toilets in the house. Fingers crossed!
 So the fingers crossed superstition didn't work. I ended up getting sick in the afternoon. Luckily the kids were all laying low so I was able to rest myself. I didn't have to feed a single person all day Wednesday! That's a bonus, right? I just kept saying, "Have you taken a sip of Gatorade yet?" The kids didn't even know Mom was puking upstairs.

The worst part was we were planning to go to San Luis for the weekend and Brian was headed to Texas for the Digital Dudz trade show and we were all afraid our flu bug was going to keep us from our plans. I was actually glad when I got sick because then I knew it would be over before the weekend and I didn't have to worry about going out of town, then getting sick when I wasn't home. Or spreading germs to all of our friends. Brian was a different story. I did not want him getting sick on the plane and I didn't want him to miss this big event he had been preparing for. I told him Wednesday night to not even come home. But he did and help clean up the house a little bit. Which was nice, because as you can see it was kind of a mess.
 We rested Wednesday and Thursday and felt all better for school on Friday. I was able to pack and get us ready for our trip and Brian at least made it through the plane ride to Texas without getting sick (he eventually made it through the whole weekend without getting our bug. How did that happen? because he was the one to clean up Ty's mess in his room when it looked like a horror movie. What do you get when a 6 year old throws up in his sleep and doesn't even know it? An Epic Mess, that's what you get.)
Here's me trying to stay hydrated and realizing my lemons look pretty in my turquoise bowl.

And this is what the house looked like all week and even how it stayed when we went out of town. It's not how I usually leave the house when I travel, but we had an excuse.