Monday, January 28, 2013

The Rober's Are Getting a Pet?

 The other evening the kids Shanghaied us. They had us sit on the couch while the three of them stood in front of us with a board filled with lists. The first words our of their mouths were, "We are proposing that we get a hamster."

Brian and I were silent.

 They then proceeded with their presentations, which consisted of a list of necessary supplies, cost and Owner Household rankings telling us that Hamster owners are number 8 on the list.

Who does this?!

 All of this was done completely on their own and a total surprise to us.  At the end of the presentations they raised their right hands and took an oath in unison (see the above picture). The gist of it was that they pledged to care for the hamster and feed the hamster and pay $5.00 of their own money towards the purchase of said hamster. "We Promise!" they chimed in together.
 It's kind of hard to say no to that. So we told them we'd think about it. They were smart to ask for a hamster and not go straight for the dog (because the answer would have been "No"). So on Saturday, we took them to PetCo to pick out supplies, all in preparation for the purchase of a hamster in a week.


Mae said...

Actually, this is exactly how I petitioned to get my rabbits (minus the list of how many homes had dogs or cats.) do believe I was Ashlynn's age!