Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hide and Seek Laundry

Last night for Family Home Evening we played Hide and Seek. It's been a while since I played. So when I was asked to hide for the first round, I didn't feel like cramming into a tiny, cramped space. So I hid under my covers in my bed.


The next round I was chosen to be "It" (by way of my name being drawn out of a hat by Ty). The person who was "It" was assigned to count to 60 in the laundry room. The laundry room because there's not really any good hiding places in there. So I went and started counting loudly to 60...

It was at about 5 that I realized the boredom of standing there for 55 more seconds doing nothing was going to drive me nuts (curse you iphone! You have destroyed my ability to wait. Patiently.)

It was at 6 that I realized I had put a load of white rags in the wash earlier and never switched them to the dryer. A classic Kate move, as my college roommates can attest to. So I moved the laundry over. Then I sorted some laundry. Then I looked at my pretty catchall bowl of items I collect from pockets.

Then, before I knew it, the 60 seconds was up! It's amazing what you can get done in 60 seconds!

(FYI: the tennis ball was not found in someones pocket. I put it in the dryer to speed up drying times. It really works. As long as your tennis ball is clean.)

PS. Ashlynn was behind the kitchen curtains, Briggs behind the living room couch, Ty I looked over at first in between the living room bookcase and the wall, and Brian, lastly, in the loft, next to the toy shelf, with the candle stick...